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Do not take for Granted, these benefits of Vitamin A for toddlers

The City Health Office Sukabumi, West Java, encouraged the administering of vitamin A for children aged 6-59 months in order to anticipate the growing toddlers that vitamin deficiencies.
"That all toddlers can easily get vitamin A, each of the Clinics and the vitamin prepare Posyandu for free," said the head of the City Health Office Sukabumi Ritanenny Edlien Silyena in Sukabumi, Tuesday.
Through the months of the grant of the City Health Office  vitamins A, Sukabumi appealed the whole parents who have toddlers ages 6 to 59 months, immediately brought to the nearest clinic or posyandu for vitamin A for free. Vitamin A function in the process of formation and growth of red blood cells, lymphocytes and antibodies so that plays a role in the immune system.
That is no less important, this vitamin is also beneficial for eye health and skin included in maintaining healthy respiratory tract Mucosa, as well as play a role in the process of embryonic development and reproduction. Because Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that can ward off free radicals are harmful to the body.
"Administering vitamin A in high doses should be given on a regular basis six months once and for the overdose had already adapted to the age and needs of the child," said he.
Rita says vitamins provided it can be obtained free of charge in the entire means of health facilities, such as home health aides, polindes or poskesdes treatment, practice Hall, a doctor and a midwife, Private KINDERGARTEN (kindergarten) and OLD (early childhood education) including group play and daycare.
On the other hand, based on the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION estimated there were 250 million preschool children around the world are experiencing a shortage of vitamin A and in every year there are about 250 thousand to 500 thousand children suffered blindness as well as half of the total number of children died within a period of 12 months due to Vitamin A deficiency.
Active vitamin A supplementation programs in Indonesia campaigned since 1970 and is currently still being encouraged. Because Vitamin A or Retinol is a fat-soluble vitamin and body stored in the liver.

Post by sukirman (2016-02-24 03:32)

Tags: vitamin

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