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Grilled Goat Manager Bakkah,

Processing goat meat dishes easy easy-difficult indeed. In addition to the smell of prengus, people sometimes avoid mutton dishes because the meat was tough. There is also a society that avoids the goat because of health problems.
However, who would have thought goat meat can be processed into a healthy menu. Menus  can be found on the stalls of the Bakkah Grilled Goats located at JL. Dr. Supomo No. 105 (Market Nongko roundabout), Solo.
One of our Prime menus at food stalls are fried goat hot plate. At first glance, nothing different from other fried goat.
However, the container that is used is not a dish, but rather a hot plate that keeps the temperature of the food is more awake.
The menu of fried goat served with peanuts, red chillies, sliced cucumber, red onion, and tomatoes with a separate container.
The meat was very tender and do not require a knife to mengirisnya. In addition, there is no smell prengus fishy and on processed meat goats.
More menu i.e. goat ribs soup with clear soup looks so refreshing. Warm the broth tasted so delicious and refreshing. The iganya meat is tender and the flavor of the gravy rich in spices seemed fitting.
Then, how can it be called a healthy menu? Grilled Goat Manager Bakkah, Achmad Yani, admitted to not using monosodium glutamate (MSG) or micin. A menu that is served is also guaranteed low fat because it is cooked properly and do not use organ meats and fats.
"We want to be the pioneers of that culinary goats can be a healthy menu. Without any MSG menu this goat meat can be delicious because we choose to use ingredients and spices that are healthy and safe, "he explained in the goat Burns Bakkah, Thursday (4/2/2016).
Curious with the goat meat menu? Grilled mutton hot plate sells for Rp 25,000 to Rp 30,000 serving/portion, while goat ribs soup Rp 15,000/servings.
In addition, they also have a variety of other specialty, such as roasted goat, rice and nasi kebuli, goat kebuli chicken.

Post by sukirman (2016-02-24 03:50)

Tags: goat mealt

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