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Oops! Avoid These Six Mistakes When Cooking Chicken

Processing of chicken meat which is less precise can make kitchen Cookware used to be contaminated. Chicken meat cooked inappropriately risky also transmit salmonela in people who ate the chicken.
Therefore, it needs caution in cooking the chicken so that the meat can be processed perfectly ripe and not health-threatening. A simple way to avoid contamination and threats salmonela from chicken is to avoid basic mistakes in processing the chicken meat. Reported by the Safebee page, the following six fundamental errors in the management of the shredded chicken meat is avoided.
Neutralize the temperature of frozen chicken in the kitchen
One of the errors in the processing of meat chickens is to neutralize the temperature of frozen chicken in a way it is placed directly on top of the kitchen table. In fact, it would be better if the temperature of the frozen chicken meat of neutralizing by way of manaruhnya at the bottom of the fridge. If placed in the lower part of the refrigerator, it took about two days to return to normal temperature and is no longer frozen. Memamng need more time than instantly remove it from inside the refrigerator. If so, other steps can be done by soaking the chicken in cold water. Or want a faster longer? Masukkkan in the microwave.
Let the chopping block that wears out the cut chicken without washing it
Other errors are often performed while processing the chicken meat was let cutting board that was used to cut the chicken so just wash the dishes. The former chicken meat that stick to the cutting board can cause the bacteria to spread to various other equipment near the chopping block as well as in the place of the dishwasher itself. Therefore, make it a habit clean dishwasher before preparing foods and also keep the equipment clean and dirty eating so that spared from splashes of water when washing kitchen equipment previously used to process chicken.
Use cutting boards and kitchen utensils are the same
Use cutting boards and kitchen utensils for cutting chicken meat and chop a variety of other foods is a common mistake that needs to be avoided in the processing of chickens. The reason, a knife, a fork to a cutting board that has touched the raw chicken meat will have bacteria that comes from chicken meat. Therefore, it is worth distinguishing equipment for cutting equipment to cut meat with a variety of other foods.

Post by sukirman (2016-02-24 03:29)

Tags: chicken food cooking

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